Accounts management is the backbone of every enterprise, be it big or small. Proper account management is vital unless meticulously maintained so much so, history has recorded mismanagement and disoriented accounts management to be the reason for any given enterprise's downfall.

The market is rife with many accounting and accounts management software yet our research showed innumerable areas where either the customer had to change their operational structure to match the software or the software was too comprehensive for the customer to engross.

Thus was born SMART BOOKS – our very own unique adaption of integrated multiple account entry options with customized extensive output reports that will mix and still match every enterprise's expectations within set parameters that will not obstruct free flow of existing accounts adoption and management therefrom.

Customized Account management must have the objective of maintaining harmony within all departments and make every operational process easy, efficient and worry free.

Whether the business is a SME or is a corporate business body involving too many individuals or contacts, the accounts management must be compatible to all areas of operations including sales, business, purchase, store, inventory, human resource, expenses, payments etc and must absorb all heads of accounts under one platform without complicating the flow to arrive at desired solutions. This is exactly what SMART BOOKS promise and deliver.

SMART BOOKS is the simple and straight forward online accounting assistance with elaborate data sections that can track all accounts and related operations under one platform. It is a simple solution that smoothly co-ordinates every aspect of the business from an accounting perspective and renders user friendly reports, spreadsheets, invoices, receipts, trial balances, income and expenditure statements and finally a comprehensive balance sheet.

By poising to be every business's smart account's manager, SMART BOOKS will ensure you do business WORRY FREE