SMART HR-PAYROLL Software Solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of an employee. Fully pre-integrated modules such as Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Recruitment and Claims ensure that your data is always accurate and automatically kept in synch with no effort. With easy to use graphical reports from our HRMS Solution at your fingertips, taking decisions is now a sinch! Improve efficiency with SMART HR-PAYROLL All-in-One Human Resource Management System Software

System of Records

Payroll on Cloud comes with a strong HRIS module, which allows the product to scale as your organization grows.


Mobility is changing the IT landscape and SMART HR-PAYROLL embraces it. You can access our payroll software using all the popular browsers and mobile operating systems.


You can integrate payroll with SMART HR-PAYROLL'S Leave, Time and Attendance management systems to automate your entire payroll process.


With SMART HR-PAYROLL'S payroll software you can eliminate the need for manual intervention at several stages of the payroll process. This saves a lot of time and lets you focus on other strategic activities.