At AKINFOS it is our prerogative to research and deliver software solutions that is most needed.

One most sensitive, delicate yet significant practice and consulting area is LAW.

There are so many law schools, and law firms yet there is no established resource to teach or help attorneys, and lawyers the skills in opening, operating, managing and running a law office.

SMART LEGAL is our achievement in pooling all the elements of management encompassing every critical element of clerical management, combining those with highest standards of delivery, whereby a worry free operational environment platform for managing a law office is assured.

Technology is the undoubted medium of communication. In this vital era of technological surge into every stream of service, we believe the Law faculty must also be able to utilize this amazing platform to deliver beyond client expectation thereby ensure best practice modules in delivery and rendition.

Client management, File management, Case management, Content and Document Control Management, Billing, Library, Communication filers, automated document delivery, etc some of the unique features we have absorbed in the development process.

SMART LEGAL is every law firm's personal assistant. It has all the components of management and administration yet critically designed to match every law firm's attentive necessity for personalized data management that warrant highest state of art security and confidentiality, speed, and user friendly structures, unmatched with any other software.

With special emphasis on litigation, non-litigation and quasi litigation as resources, syndicating para legal, administrational, consulting as sub sources, adorning the overall pillars of practice and consulting areas, our exercise extended to combining all under one platform with an operational extension into complete management module to captivate ancillary operational outputs- One phenomenal development challenge overcome by AK Infos – the first ever - we present the all exclusive software solution for the legal tribe – SMART LEGAL