Supply chain industry with automated work flow for management for logistics is a very challenging topography that will not accept generalized software or cloud based SaaS solutions, instead calls for the in-depth analysis, assessment and designing of an exclusively customized software solution. The AK INFOS team of software developers are the best in the industry when it comes to customized software development in the logistics automation sector

A through analysis of the conventional departments, container carriage, warehousing, trucking, heavy haulage, special equipment, ocean and air transport etc to understand and design the operational workflow to Improvise and establish an effective Logistics management system with special emphasis on Logistical Network, Information, Transportation, Sound Inventory Management, Warehousing, Materials Handling & Packaging as operational elements and integrating with internal controls such as accounts, staffage, roles, administration, reports etc is our specialty.

Adding to all of it our research and development department's contribution with the latest technology that shall be imbibed onto the software with add on features like, multi currency options, multi lingual options, synchronization of additional outputs from existing software and hardware operations.

Being corpus friendly, we ensure our software is the most compatible, easy to use platform be it a small operation or multinational, our aim is to reduce costs yet deliver the most enhanced value addition software that can become the backbone of all your logistics operations.

Your search for the most economically designed, fully customized software solution with the latest technology ends here.