Customer is the king so give them what they want, how they want with the most exclusive, effective, elaborate yet economical platform of a solution that combines POS, ecommerce, CRM, Marketing, Inventory, Merchandising, Order Management, finance and accounting, warehouse and store management and all such elements necessary for smartly managing your retail business – WELCOME TO SMART RETAIL.

Smart retail is our pilot software development project that is arrived after years of research, analysis and development. A thoroughly evaluated business stream that is the pulse of any trade in today's world of business with multi channel retail environment driven by growth, competition. Revenue is purely based on performance therefore is a vitally challenging platform unless and until equipped with the right solutions for perfect and smart management.

We are pioneers in developing end to end solutions leveraging on optimal technology that will link every step of your multi channel retail enterprise combining all elements of retail operations which will give you on the spot visibility, from wherever you are in the world to view your entire retail operation, on the click of a button. This capacity of arriving at a solution that derives from all operational components in the retail sector is our expertise.

Features at a glance:

  • An end-to-end application solution that managesthe entire retail business effortlessly supports multiple locations and multiple channels
  • Direct integration with on-premise POS
  • E-commerce, Loyalty program, Discount polices can be absorbed Single view option across all channels
  • Single centralized platform with decentralized operational options
  • Thorough inventory, purchasing and order-management functionality
  • Latest CRM & marketing mechanisms
  • Absorption of existing accounts/integration of latest accounting technology
  • Easy to use, fully customized as per your requirement
  • Access to retail apps for planning, EDI, & tax management
  • Economically priced t very affordable costs

Our SMART RETAIL is the key to your hunt for a super smart retail management solution. Size does not matter to us, whether you are a small store or a national/international multi channel chain retailer, we have it for you

Our training a support wing is fully set to ensure your familiarity with our smart retail management system to power your performance to it's fullest potential.