Turnkey Software Solutions, Access Control Management Solutions & Hardware Integration, Enterprise Software Application Platform Planning & Design, Coding & Development with Installation & Implementation, Support & Maintenance.


In-depth analysis of the Client's need, Assessment, Moduling the Solution, Planning, Design, Blue Print, Hardware Integration, Execution, Testing, Improvements, Deployment, Installations, Maintenance and bug fixing.


Established & Branded Hardware Distributors, in-house Professionally Qualified Software Developers, aimed to developing an End Point Customized Business Solution integrated with reliable Hardware with special emphasis on total performance and 100% endurance scalability.

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AK products

AK products

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Our Clients chose us for their IT Solutions as we provide flexible, user friendly solutions with latest technology in all our services that has enhanced our client's IT operational portfolio tremendously. Our clients are rest assured of our state of art design and delivery, ALWAYS!!


Technologically advanced Business Solutions with user friendly, state of art designs - KEY TO OUR SUCCESS


Turnkey Software Solutions that attend all spheres of client business portfolio - THE EXCLUSIVE PROMISE

Goal definition

To be every client's unchallenged Outsourced Inhouse IT Partner - THE AKINFOS DETERMINATION